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Whether your needs are purely aesthetic, therapeutic, or extensive in nature, our team at District Dental Spa confidently offers a wide variety of dental, cosmetic & spa services. We are dedicated to providing superior care in a relaxed, state-of-art, tranquil facility that your smile will appreciate.

We accept most private insurances and self-pay.

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Preventative Care

Stop problems before they happen

  • Cleanings

    • Routine cleanings (every 3-6 months) by a dental professional are an important factor in maintaining a healthy smile

  • Sport Guards

    • Help to protect & stabilize your teeth from damage while playing sports or working out


  • Sealants

    • Help protect your teeth from cavities in high-risk areas such as pits & fissures

    • Especially beneficial in children as their permanent teeth come in & in adults who are high cavity risk


  • Fluoride Therapy

    • Options such as fluoride varnish, prescription toothpaste, and fluoride trays help to remineralize your teeth & protect them from cavities & sensitivity


  • Night Guards

    • Help to protect & stabilize your teeth from excessive wear, clenching & grinding


  • Retail Products

    • We carry a preferred selection of oral hygiene & cosmetic products to help maintain a healthy smile, including the latest electric toothbrush options


General Dentistry

Your smile is our priority

  • Exams & Diagnostics

    • Routine exams and diagnostics are a vital step to maintaining a healthy smile

    • At District Dental Spa, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art, low-radiation imaging techniques

    • “Emergency” exams are seen promptly for patients of record

  • Crowns & Bridges

    • Stabilize compromised teeth with porcelain crowns or replace missing teeth with durable bridges

    • We are pleased to offer custom-made, high-quality crowns and bridges proudly made ONLY by USA based dental labs utilizing name brand products such as IPS e.max® & BruxZir®


  • Composite “White” Fillings

    • Replace cavities & defects with white, durable fillings that resemble & match natural tooth structure

  • Root Canal Therapy

    • Treat pulpal infection with modern endodontic techniques that help to minimalize discomfort & stabilize infection

  • Extractions

    • Free yourself from problem teeth in the comfort of our tranquil facility

    • Ask about our anxiolytic options available

  • Dentures & Partials

    • Our modern complete & partial denture options are often a viable option to replace missing teeth

    • Call us today to schedule your free consult to discuss your customized path to a smile makeover 


  • Periodontal Therapy

    • Prioritize gum health with our conventional & surgical options to help stabilize the effects of gum disease

    • Options include deep cleanings (“SRP”), maintenance visits, surgical flap debridement, bone grafting, crown lengthening, gingivectomy & antibiotic therapy


  • Dental Implants

    • Replace missing or problem teeth with modern dental implants, or attach them to a prosthesis 

    • Our clinic proudly offers prioritized extraction & implant placement options when applicable

    • Call us today to schedule your free Implant consult to determine if you are a candidate


  • Orthodontics

    • Perfect the alignment of your teeth or improve malocclusion problems with the clear retainers of Invisalign® 

    • Come in today for an ortho consult to see if you are a candidate 


  • Bone Grafting

    • Used to replace bone loss from gum disease or tooth loss, to minimalize bone loss following extractions & to prepare sites for dental implants

    • Our clinic proudly offers expedited, out-patient grafting options when applicable


  • TMD & Chronic Migraine Therapy

    • Our treatment options include TMD splints, occlusal equilibration, massage therapy, trigger point injections & therapeutic Botox® injections

    • Call us today for an appointment to find out which option may work best for you


Cosmetic Dentistry

Treat your smile, treat yourself

  • Bleaching Trays

    • Erase stains & improve aesthetics at home with our custom bleaching trays and OpalescenceTM bleaching products

  • Porcelain Veneers

    • Perfect your smile with our very aesthetic, high quality veneer options made custom to meet your needs

    • Call us today to find out the best path to your smile makeover


  • Gum Recontouring “Gum Lift”

    • Improve “gummy” smiles or irregular soft tissue contours with a “gum lift” using our modern laser surgery techniques


  • Custom Mouthpieces

    • Personalize your smile with gold & silver “grills” made custom for special events or everyday use

  • In-office Bleach Therapy

    • Noticeably whiten your teeth in just 1 hour with our OpalescenceTM BoostTM  bleach therapy

  • Aesthetic bondings

    • Not quite ready for veneers? Broken front tooth? Transform your smile with our more affordable, aesthetic dental bondings

  • Tooth Recontouring

    • Improve tooth irregularities & asymmetries in just one visit with our same-day recontouring services. 


  • “White Spot” Treatments

    • Therapy approaches utilizing MI Paste®, fluoride and bleaching trays, combined with consistency, can improve white spot lesions on teeth

Smile Spa

Relax… your smile is in good hands

  • Botox® Cosmetic

    • Whether your goal is prevention or to improve those unsightly forehead wrinkles or “crow’s feet”, we invite you to transform your smile with Botox Cosmetic


  • Juvederm® Family of Fillers

    • Enhance your smile with our lip & facial rejuvenation options featuring the Juvederm filler product line

    • Options include Juvederm® Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm VollureTM, Juvederm Voluma® & Juvederm Volbella®


  •  Aromatherapy

    • Enjoy an assortment of aromatherapy options to help soothe & relax your mind before your dental procedure or spa day

    • Your comfort is always a top priority

  •  SkinMedica®

    • Discover the perfect regimen to enhance your smile with the latest scientifically proven skincare products

    • Available for purchase in-office & online with free local shipping

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